A Move In The Right Direction.


Fox Television has added Lucas Brothers Moving Co which is a new addition to Fox’s late Saturday night collection.  It is a 15 minute animated series.   The show is actually based on the creators Kenny and Keef who are also the shows main writers.  The characters on the show rarely do any moving but are more comedians then anything.

Moments from “Lucas Bros. Moving Co.,” on the other hand, may hang around, like the scene in which the brothers agree to shave their beards, but not before seeing “what the street’s got to say about it.” Next shot: the brothers lying in the street, ears to the pavement, one of them saying, “The streets are pretty quiet, my friend.”

With the help of the people of Greenpoint, the twins run a moving company called Lucas Bros. Moving Co. Their customers are often apprehensive to hire such a scrawny duo, but the brothers like to remind them that that’s why God made two of them. A day that begins simply by moving a bed down the street may lead to the threat of city-wide catastrophe, resolved only with the help of a once-famous ’90s wrestler. No matter what happens around them, KENNY and KEITH always remain totally, bizarrely unfazed. LUCAS BROS. MOVING CO. is created, written and executive-produced by Kenny and Keith Lucas.

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