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  We all love to get those holiday cards.  For many people this is an easy way to stay in touch with friends and relatives across the country.  Holiday cards a great way to reach out to people who you may have lost touch with over the years.   So What do you Send? Send… Continue Reading

So when will the move happen? Los Angeles has been waiting for a NFL team for a very long time. Of course, the National Football League has a long history in Los Angeles.  Since the Los Angeles Raiders moved out of Los Angeles in 1995, Los Angeles has been by far the largest market without… Continue Reading

Our Los Angeles Movers and storage professionals have put together a list of the top 10 secret tips to pack your unit for easy access. 1.  Keep seasonal items together and labeled.  Keep Christmas items with Christmas items and Halloween stuff with Halloween items.  When you need one Christmas thing, you will probably need it all… Continue Reading

Moving During the Holiday Season Why would you think about moving during the holiday season? For one, you might have to, your lease is up or you are buying a house with a closing date before the end of the year.  One might think that many leases or closings happen around the end of the… Continue Reading