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Moving from California to Hawaii

Aloha! Moving from California to Hawaii could be a difficult task culturally, emotionally, and physically. Packing, organizing, and planning your move can become extremely time consuming, and costly. Remington is the preferred California to Hawaii moving company, and guarantees to alleviate you of most of the moving stress.

Having moved many of customers from California to Hawaii, Remington is the right moving service to complete the job. We are connected with both Californian and Hawaii services, validating that every aspect of your California to Hawaii move gets done correctly.

We are the only moving company to send our own staff to complete your California to Hawaii move, and thus we are the only company to really supervise your move from start to finish. Our trucks are in a temperature controlled environment, and are constantly updated with the newest technological equipment. When we ship your items across the Pacific Ocean, and into their new Island location, we ensure that they are safely transported. We certify that your items are packed securely, and ensure that they are safe even from the worst Hawaiian Volcanos.

We, at Remington, know that the California sun can do a lot of damage, as can the Hawaiian tropical climate; as a result, when we move your things from California to Hawaii we ensure that your items are in a temperature controlled environment 100% of the time.

Our California to Hawaii moving team has extensive experience with moving from California to Hawaii. We will get your items to your new island destination safely and efficiently!

What are you waiting for? Trust Remington to move you from California to Hawaii today!