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Laboratory Moving Services

Laboratory moves are just one more area where Remington Moving eclipses the competition. We, at Remington, have the equipment and proper staff to move your laboratory efficiently, and effectively. We know how valuable, and delicate, your laboratory tools are, and we ensure that they will remain in tact. We know how to deal with Delicate equipment that needs special handling, refrigerators and freezers that can’t be unplugged, valuable research files that simply can’t be lost or disordered, and any other laboratory occurrence. We factor in everything necessary for an effective laboratory move, and then create a plan and execute it with total precision.

All it takes is one wrong move, and your lab experiment is ruined. Remington Moving & Storage goes the extra length to ensure that such does not happen. We know how valuable your lab work is to you, and we are committed to keeping it, as well as your lab materials, safe.

Relocating a laboratory is one of the most challenging assignments that requires fragile equipment and sensitivity of the material to the conditions. Our strategic project planning, quality equipment, and professional crew ensure that this mission runs successfully and carefully.

We provide state-of-art moving services that includes special equipment like temperature regulated containers to ensure that all laboratory material is maintained at the right conditions. Our vehicles are specially designed to cushion delicate equipment from bumps and our professional packing ensures that your valuable research documents are safe and sound. We live up to our name and provide precise relocation ensuring your laboratory is back to working state as before.

Our Laboratory moving plan is comprised of various elements, minerals, and compounds making us the preferred movers for your elements, minerals, and compounds.

Why Choose Remington

  • We have extensive experience in Laboratory moving
  • We devised a plan that ensures the security of your lab equipment and projects
  • We value your work as much as you do, so we go the extra length to ensure its safety
  • We have specific equipment designed to execute laboratory moves
  • We factor in all variables prior to moving your laboratory goods