A Move In The Right Direction.


International Moving with Remington

Remington has the resources, personnel and international connections to move you abroad successfully. Remington International Moving understands the amount of anxiety related to moving, and we tailor each move to meet the unique needs of every customer.

Every shipment whether by air, ground, or ocean is carefully planned, managed and tracked from door to door. Each step in the relocation process is managed by Remington International Movers, guaranteeing efficiency, success, and the safety of your items.

It takes experts at both ends of the move to ensure that everything goes as planned; hence, Remington has the resources to regulate your items when abroad. Remington International Moving is renowned internationally, ensuring the success of your international move.

We are the only international moving company to move you across the globe with the ease and expertise that it takes to move you across the block. When you choose Remington as your international moving company, you can assure the safety, productivity, and success of your move abroad.

The Remington Difference

You are an individual with individual needs and unique moving requirements. At Remington, we embrace the individuality of your international move, and so we personally customize each of our moving endeavors. Our knowledge and experience with international moving is unique to us, and ensures our 100% international moving success rate.

Our international moving services begin with the assignment of your personal move coordinator. Your personal move coordinator will plan every detail of your move together with you prior to the move date. Together, you and your move coordinator will devise a strategic international moving plan and price package. Additionally, your personal coordinator will oversee your move from start to finish, ensuring your satisfaction along the way.

Our skilled professionals will effectively pack up your entire residence and prepare your belongings for their journey overseas. We will only use the highest quality packing materials and supplies, and we inventory every piece of your shipment. We will organize your shipping crate, or container, to ensure maximum space.

You can make use of our online shipment tracking to monitor where your belongings are at all times during transit. You will receive shipment details regarding your vessel and the flight number throughout the duration of the shipment.

We have shipment vessels, such as crates and containers, in many different sizes. This way, you don’t need to pay for space you are not using. If you decide not to transfer all your belongings at once, we provide many storage options even for customers living abroad. We will manage your storage, and update you frequently. Storage options are particularly ideal for those of you who require a limited shipment size, are renting a home while overseas, or staying in a hotel before relocating permanently into a residence.

International Moving Capabilities

Our move coordinators guide customers through their maze of questions and concerns during the international moving process. Not only do we provide you with useful international moving information, but we also are knowledgeable of helpful international information. Our staff will provide you with helpful information on your destination country, shipping regulations, climate, schools and education and much more.

Remington International Moving offers companies a wide range of international relocation service options. We work with you to help you to devise the right level of relocation support for your needs. We are connected with global services, and have them provide you with their services at discount prices.

All our relocation services are available worldwide, including third world country locations. We provide relocation services either delivered through Remington, or managed by Remington, and we always deliver your items via our network of approved relocation service providers worldwide.

In every location, we work with those relocation service providers we consider to be best in their class. International relocation service providers are measured against stated key performance indicators that are consistent with our own core values.