A Move In The Right Direction.


Fine Art Moving

Art has been valued for generations before us. The Art in your home, or office, is usually very important to you, and often has personal meaning. As a result, when you decide to move your art it is important that you choose a fine art moving service that values your art as much as you do.

At Remington, we have a special fine art moving team that specializes in carefully moving fine art. Our fine art moving staff has relocated entire museums filled with priceless fine art. They have devised fine art moving techniques, that ensure the safety of your valuable art. Prior to transporting your art, the Remington team analyzes it and develops a fine art moving strategy unique to your location. If the door is too small, we will strategize a plan of moving your art out the door carefully.

Remington fine art moving team is also equipped with the materials necessary to protect your art. Upon your approval, we will wrap your art using special wrapping paper designed specifically to protect art. We have special plastic wraps that will keep your art away from California rain or sun damage.

When in the Remington fine art moving truck, your fine art is transported safely. The Remington team knows how to place your art in the safest position, ensuring that it does not endure any damage.

When you hire Remington fine art moving team, you are hiring a team that values your art, seeks to protect it, and succeeds in safely transporting it across town, or across the globe.

Careful Fine Art Moving Methods

Remington Fine Art Movers ensure the safety of your art. They take extra precautions, and strategize before taking action. Our fine art movers pay very close attention to detail, and succeed in moving your fine art safely. When loading your art into the trucks, our staff is extremely careful and places your art in the safest space in the truck. Even if you did seek our fine art packing services, Remington Fine Art Movers will check that your art has been packed safely. We protect your fine art from damaging weather, and we treat your art with the utmost of care throughout the Remington Fine Art Moving experience.

Affordable Fine Art Moving

Just because your art may be expensive, doesn’t mean that moving it should be! At Remington, we believe that everyone deserves quality service. We seek to provide you with our top notch services for affordable rates. We even create price packages specifically for you.

Strategic Fine Art Moving

At Remington, we believe that strategy is the key to a successful performance. Recognizing that your fine art is irreplaceable, we know that mistakes when moving it simply cannot occur. As a result, we provide you with a Fine Art Moving supervisor, who oversees the move. Additionally, before we even touch your art we devise an effective plan that will not damage your art, your floors, and walls.