A Move In The Right Direction.


Furniture Moving

At Remington, we put ‘furniture moving’ under special services for a reason. We believe that moving your furniture requires extra care and strategic methods. Our furniture moving services are ‘special’ because we individualize it. We have devised specific furniture moving plans that are effective in moving your furniture.

Remington: Careful Furniture Movers

One of the most important, but often disregarded, aspects of moving is safety. Unlike other furniture movers, we at Remington are committed to keeping your furniture safe. Every one of our furniture moving projects is given a furniture moving supervisor, hired to oversee the move and ensure that your furniture is handled with care.

We have the tools necessary to protect your furniture from damage, as well as bad weather. We also assure that our staff is clean, and does not get any marks on your couches, rugs, and chairs. When moving glass furniture, we are extra careful and wrap it using bubble wrap and blankets. We also assure to position the fragile furniture safely inside the truck.

Remington furniture movers are always thinking ten steps ahead. They envision ten different scenarios that could be damaging to your furniture, and thus devise plans that make sure that such does not occur.

Remington Moving & Storage is here to make the moving process easier for you, not harder. Worrying about how your movers are going to handle your items is unnecessary when you choose Remington! We go the extra mile to make sure that everything runs smoothly, and all your furniture items are transported carefully.

Affordable Furniture Moving Services

At Remington, we believe that everyone deserves quality services. Hence, we seek to make our high quality services affordable for you! We are revered for our furniture moving services, specifically because of the high quality conduct we use when moving your furniture. Our customized planner will work with you to devise an affordable Furniture Moving price package that adheres to your moving requirements. At Remington, we are committed to you, and your satisfaction, so making our services affordable is just another way we successfully serve you!

Strategic Furniture Moving Methods

Effective furniture moving takes skill, and the proper strategy. When you hire Remington to move your furniture into your new space, you are ensuring the safety of their transport. Before we even touch your furniture, we devise a plan that protects it. When moving your furniture, we ensure that our movers do not touch your new walls, or scratch your new floors. These methods allude to the success of our furniture moving services.

Office Furniture Moving

Moving your office furniture requires skill, and appropriate strategy. At Remington, we have experience in moving office furniture of all quantities. We have created special office furniture moving methods, that are successful in moving your office furniture safely. Recognizing that emptying out your office desk is burdensome, we will move your office furniture with your things inside! We have devised a method specifically for this, and we ensure that your items will remain exactly as they were in their old locations. We have been moving office furniture for many years, and we guarantee you the ultimate office furniture moving experience.