A Move In The Right Direction.


Remington Special Services

One main aspect that differentiates Remington from competing moving & storage companies, is our ability to offer you special services. At Remington, we are always thinking of our customers and how we can better aid them in the moving and storage process. Additionally, we know that every move is different, and every move requires a different strategy. Hence, we created service options for the most eclectic types of moves.

Remington Special service options are unique to Remington, and consist of an array of dynamic services. Our special services include:

  • Packing / Unpacking: Remington’s packing/unpacking staff is extremely organized and efficient. We will pack, and unpack, belongings of all kinds in the most organized manner. We will separate your items into categories, pack them, and then snap photos of each box. When we pack your items, we create an explicit inventory list of them, ensuring that no unpacking problems arise.
  • Boxes & Supplies: At Remington, we provide you with high quality supplies for very low prices. We sell professional tape, glue, boxes, scissors, bubble wrap, permanent markers and more! We also will deliver them to your doorstep!
  • Cleaning Services: Our services can often get messy; as a result, we provide you with cleaning services, assuring that your new space is as good as new when were finished. This service is unique to us, and our cleaners are trained to clean your space professionally.
  • Junk Removal: We care about the environment, and so we have created this service. We will rid you of your unwanted junk, and recycle all of which can be recycled. This service is beneficial to everyone, and aligns with out caring reputation.

Our special services have granted us the title of ‘the most dynamic moving company’. These services are proof of our commitment to you, and your specific needs. If we currently do not provide a special service that’s right for you, don’t hesitate! we will create a service for you!