A Move In The Right Direction.


Remington Cleaning Services

While our movers always strive to clean up after themselves and create as little mess possible, they are not professional cleaners. They will not shine your surfaces, mop and wax your floors. As a result, we provide you with professionals that will!

We believe that moving into a space that is clean, shining, and organized, is one of the best feelings. Its even better, when you didn’t have to spend hours doing the work yourself. Our professional cleaners will clean up during the moving process, minimizing mess. When the moving process is done, however, our professional cleaning personnel work wonders. They spend time in every corner, and niche, in your house, so that not a speck of dust is present.

Our professional cleaners only use the best cleaning products. They guarantee that when their work is done, your floors will sparkle, your surfaces will shine, and your new space will smell lemony fresh. (don’t worry, if you don’t like the smell of lemon – we have other flavors too!)

Not only will our professional cleaners clean the mess our movers may have made, but they will also clean stains and marks that are years old. They are experts in taking out tough stains, cleaning sensitive rugs, and removing wood marks. Our cleaners have created, and enhanced, cleaning methods that will transform your new, or old, space.

Cleaning Services for Affordable Prices

We understand that external moving services could seem overwhelming. When you move, there is so much more to consider than just the act of moving. At Remington, we try to make these essential services as affordable as possible.

Here, at Remington, we are not looking to charge you, we are looking to help you. As a result, when you seek our cleaning services you receive a low rate. We also offer different cleaning service packages, so you can choose what aspects of the cleaning process are important to you.

Additionally, we will not turn you away for having to small of a cleaning budget; rather, we will work with you to create a cleaning service package that is under your budget. Simply, call our customer service representative and request our cleaning services.

The Best Professional Cleaners

Not only are our cleaning service prices unbeatable, but the actual services is unbeatable too! Our cleaning services are renowned, and are often sought out to clean some of our communities dirtiest places. Every Remington Cleaner is hand picked, and has endured a cleaning test and training.

Each Remington Cleaner is detail oriented, organized, ensuring their maximum performance. From using heavy machinery to deeply scrub your floors, to using tiny paintbrushes to clean tight edges, our cleaners do it all. We guarantee that our cleaners will thoroughly clean every inch of your space.