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Special Storage Services

Hiring the right storage company to store your items is very important, especially if you have something fragile, eclectic, or specific to store. At Remington, we have created specialty storage services that are geared to help you with your specific storage requirements.

We will provide you with cost-effective high quality special services. Each of our special storage services is comprised of a method unique to itself. We have built storage vaults specifically for different types of items.

Currently, Remington Moving & Storage provides the following special services:

  1. Wine Storage: We have built wine cellars that are great for preserving 100, or even 1, year old wine.
  2. Document Storage: We will store your unwanted documents, and keep them safe and organized.
  3. Piano Storage: We will store your piano, or pianos, safely! Our piano storage vaults are window proof, thus protecting your piano from the damaging sun!
  4. Antique Storage: Remington has special antique storage vaults that are constantly monitored by Remington security.

Call us now and get a free storage estimate. Experience working with a full service storage company that specializes in affordable solutions for your needs. Call or contact us today to see how Remington can help you.

Safe & Secure Storage

All Remington storage vaults are safe, and monitored by security equipment. At Remington, we use CCTV security protection to monitor your storage vaults. We are constantly monitoring your storage items, especially those of higher value.

We go the extra mile to ensure that no external being, object, or animal gets a hold of your stored items. All of our vaults are secure to the ground, and thus can endure even the worst California weather. Each vault has its own key, which only you have access of. The storage vaults are temperature controlled, ensuring the preservation of the items within it.

Twenty Four Hour Storage Access

We recognize that your storage items are yours, and so who are we to tell you when you could access them? As a result, Remington Storage provides you with 24 hour 365 day access to your storage vaults.

Choose Your Storage Wisely

Differences exist when choosing storage solutions. Some have weak security; some make it hard to get to and from your unit, and some look old and shabby. Remington Storage is different. We have designed our state-of the art wine storage around exactly what YOU want most: privacy, convenience and cleanliness.

Privacy: We offer top-of-line security features that includes controlled access, individual alarm systems, facility-wide security cameras and a resident manager who lives on the premises.
Convenience: We allow you to drive your car–or truck–right up to sliding door of storage unit without the hassles of steps or elevators. We also give you access 7-days a week.
Cleanliness: We provide well-kept grounds that are cleaned and snowplowed when needed. No trash or littering is present.

Call us now and get a free wine storage estimate. Experience working with a full-service wine storage company that specializes in affordable wine storage solutions for your needs. Call or contact us today to see how we can help you.