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Piano Storage

Remington provides exceptional piano storage solutions. Our storage vaults are the perfect place to securely store multiple, or even one, pianos. Our piano storage vaults are dust free, and climate controlled, ensuring the preservation of your piano’s quality. We, at Remington, recognize that your piano is of high value and so damage to it could be detremental.

The performance of a piano is depended upon how well it has been maintained. Thus, our piano storage vaults are a perfect place to keep your piano safe, and away from external damages. We also offer short, and long, term piano storage services. All of our piano storage vaults are monitored by CCTV safety equipment, and are protected from theft. Additionally, you have 24 hour access to your vault, and you are the only person who can access it at all.

Our piano storage vaults are secure and climate controlled. Our vaults are window proof, and thus protected from the sun. We also ensure that even the smallest creatures do not enter our vaults. Bugs, and small creatures, could be detrimental to your piano, and so it is imperative to monitor that creatures do not enter your vault.

Piano Storage Benefits

There are many benefits for storing your piano with a professional and reputable storage facility. When you store your piano with Remington you can rest assured that:

  1. Secure storage for your piano, all vaults are monitored by CCTV equipment
  2. climate controlled piano storage, consisting of damp-sun-heat free vaults
  3. secure positioning of your piano, preventing it from outside surfaces
  4. Wrapping of your piano, keeping it dust free and clean
  5. Careful handling and transportation of your piano
  6. Easy, and 24 hour, access to your vault

Safe Piano Storage

Recognizing that California has a relatively high crime rate, Remington takes extra measures to prevent your vault from theft. Especially when you choose us to store valuable pianos, we will guarantee the safety of your piano. All of our piano storage vaults are monitored by CCTV equipment, and can only be accessed by you.

The safety of your piano, can also be described as the preservation of its quality. It is imperative to keep pianos in climate controlled environments, preventing decay, rust, and wrong tuning. At Remington, we cover your piano, and store it in dust free vaults.

When you choose Remington Piano Storage, you are ensuring the safety and maintenance of your piano!

Affordable Piano Storage

Just because your piano is expensive, doesn’t mean storing it should be! Remington’s piano storage vaults are of the most prestigious, and updated in the country. Remington will always give you high quality service that is under your budget. Don’t believe us? Fill our our Piano Storage quote form now!

Choose Your Long Term Storage Wisely

Differences exist when choosing document storage solutions. Some have weak security; some make it hard to get to and from your unit, and some look old and shabby. Remington Storage is different. We have designed our state-of the art document storage around exactly what YOU want most: privacy, convenience and cleanliness.

Privacy: We offer top-of-line security features that includes controlled access, individual alarm systems, facility-wide security cameras and a resident manager who lives on the premises.
Convenience: We allow you to drive your car–or truck–right up to sliding door of storage unit without the hassles of steps or elevators. We also give you access 7-days a week.
Cleanliness: We provide well-kept grounds that are cleaned and snowplowed when needed. No trash or littering is present.

Call us now and get a free document storage estimate. Experience working with a full-service document storage company that specializes in affordable document storage solutions for your needs. Call or contact us today to see how we can help you.