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Remington Warehousing Services

Many businesses such as doctors’ offices, dentists, pharmaceutical reps, building contractors, restaurants, and retail stores use our commercial storage units to house their excess inventory, patient records, seasonal products, and equipment.

Are you in need of a clutter free work environment? Need a large place to store your work items? Well then, Warehousing is the perfect solution for you! Here, at Remington Warehousing, we are committed to working closely with you in order to ensure that your warehousing expectations are not only fulfilled, but exceeded.

We use fully integrated warehouse management, distribution and transportation systems. We have an outstanding accuracy rate, and flawless track records. Our dry, safe and temperature controlled warehouses are certain to more than satisfy your commercial storage needs. Our warehouses are equipped with the best security and safety systems, ensuring the protection of your valuables.

When you choose Remington to warehouse your items, you have the privilege of choosing a warehousing facility size of your choice. This is a great way to ensure that your items are in a proper setting. Choosing your warehousing size is also a great way to save money, because you will choose a warehouse size that suits your items specifically.

Storing items in a warehouse results in a clutter free work environment, which often leads to more industrious work performance. We encourage you to take advantage of our quality warehousing services, customized warehousing planning, and affordable warehousing prices!

Customized Warehousing Solutions

Remington’s experienced logistics, and warehousing, managers provide you with extensive advice and support for all your warehousing needs. Our customized warehousing consultants create a customized warehousing solution for you. They will work with you and create a service, and price, package that adheres to all your warehousing specifications.

At Remington, we believe that every warehousing project is different, and so we create individualized price and service warehousing packages.

Affordable Warehousing Services

Not only does Remington offer leading customer service, professional personnel, the best facilities, latest technologies, and fully comprehensive solutions, but it also offers the most affordable warehousing rates in the California region!

At Remington, we believe that everyone deserves quality warehousing services, and so we seek to make ours affordable for you! We will work with you to create an affordable price package that adheres to your specific warehouse pricing specifications.

24/7 Warehouse Access

Customers who wish to personally access their storage goods, simply need to set up an appointment. Recognizing that your warehousing items are yours, we at Remington Warehousing, make your warehouse available to you at all times. Our employees are always available to escort you to your warehouse, and you are encouraged to seek their professional warehousing assistance.

Secure Warehousing Solutions

Recognizing that California isn’t theft free, we succeed in securing our warehouses with the latest security equipment, and Remington security personnel. At Remington, we ensure the safety of your warehousing items. All of our warehouses are monitored with CCTV security equipment, ensuring the safety of your warehousing items.

We believe that the security of your items is also described as the preservation of their quality. At Remington, we provide you with climate controlled warehouses, successful in preserving the quality of your warehousing items. Our warehouses are also secure to the ground, and are secure enough to handle even the worst California weather.

Choose Your Long Term Storage Wisely

Differences exist when choosing commercial storage solutions. Some have weak security; some make it hard to get to and from your unit, and some look old and shabby. Remington Storage is different. We have designed our state-of the art commercial storage around exactly what YOU want most: privacy, convenience and cleanliness.

Privacy: We offer top-of-line security features that includes controlled access, individual alarm systems, facility-wide security cameras and a resident manager who lives on the premises.
Convenience: We allow you to drive your car–or truck–right up to sliding door of storage unit without the hassles of steps or elevators. We also give you access 7-days a week.
Cleanliness: We provide well-kept grounds that are cleaned and snowplowed when needed. No trash or littering is present.

Call us now get a free commercial storage estimate. Experience working with a commercial storage company that specializes in affordable storage solutions for your needs. Call or contact us today to see how we can help you.